Buy a Passport

Buy a Passport

Passport definition

passport, in its simplest meaning, is a document used to circulate allowing the possessor to travel abroad, that is to say beyond the borders of his country. Today, with the well-known delimitation of the borders of all nations of the world, anyone seeking entry into a country other than his own, as a tourist, student or worker, must meet certain conditions to apply for authorization. The passport is usually required, which may be associated with a visa.

There are currently three types of passport   : the biometric passport, the optical passport and the electronic passport. The period of validity of the passport is generally 10 years, and 5 years for minors. The service passport and mission passport are valid for 5 years.

Why choose to buy a passport online   ?

Purchasing a passport is certainly an illegal activity, but let’s not forget the reasons why this practice is so popular today. Indeed, the reasons are many, but after analyzing those of our customers, we can classify them as follows   :

  • The search for “  power   » (Passport capacity to join several destinations without a visa)

Indeed, the power of a passport is the main feature that makes it more or less interesting. On the site the most powerful passport in the world is the German passport. This passport can rally 161 destinations without a visa. Then comes the Singaporean passport that can reach 160 destinations without a visa. On the other hand, the least powerful passports in the world are the Iraqi and Afghan passports with 28 and 25 destinations respectively, which can be visited without a visa.

Thus, individuals holding less powerful passports, may seek to have a more powerful passport in order to obtain a larger number of visa-free travel possibilities. These are usually businessmen, traders and tourists who do not wish to undergo the often long examination period which lead most of the time to visa denial. Also, when obtaining a visa for a particular destination is very difficult, some of our clients, although nationals of a country with a strong passport may be interested to other less powerful passport, but which gives them visa-free access to the destination they want to join, unlike their passport, although powerful.

  • The difficulties of obtaining passports in certain countries

In many countries undermined by corruption and instability, obtaining a passport is a real obstacle course. Therefore, several nationals of these countries can contact us so that we can provide them with an express passport. Sometimes there is also a lot of difficulty getting a passport in some countries when one is born abroad. Several other countries do not accept the principle of dual nationality, which makes it even more difficult to obtain passports in these countries. The use of an online passport purchase service becomes more interesting for people with dual nationality.

  • The search for the nationality of a particular country, involving obtaining a second passport.

Some people wish to settle in a particular country and enjoy all the privileges legally and fully. Being it commercial, political, social or strategic facilities offered by this country.  Sometimes we are already settled in the country for a long time, so we seek to buy passport which will be a good proof of nationality. This is generally the case for illegal immigrants, refugees. Although they already have the passport from their country of origin, they need to get the passport from this host country too. They buy passports online from us. To date, we have allowed about 900 immigrants to regularize their situation in their host country. As far as passports are concerned. Some tourists too, because they have loved their stay in a particular country, often choose to buy a passport from us to have the right to stay even more in the country they visit when their tourist visa has expired.

Several other reasons motivate many people to buy a passport on this site, and some are more personal than others. However, the ones above are the main ones.

How to buy a passport with us   ?

To buy a passport on this site, simply contact us through the Contact page of our site by choosing ”   passport   as the wanted document, because we also provide several types of documents. Then you get in touch with a member of our team to whom you can submit all your concerns and this one will give you all the instructions to execute. Also, you can view answers to frequently asked questions via the link below.

How do we proceed to provide you with an original passport on this site   ?

This is amply explained on our homepage.